Welcome to Aiken County Historical Museum's premiere virtual exhibition!

Here you will find our virtual exhibit, More than Fringe: 1920s Fashion of the Winter Colony, and accompanying collections items featured in the exhibit.

This exhibit was originally slated to be a temporary exhibit at the Museum during the summer months of 2020, but, due to a number of factors, had to be cancelled. We hope that you enjoy the digital version we have created for you and are looking forward to continuting with more digital exhibits in the future. 

Recently Added Items

Photograph - Group in Front of Car

FIC2018.00.048 (3).jpg

Photograph of a group of four adults (2 men and 2 women) and one child. The child is being held by one of the men. They are standing in front of a…

Photograph - Ordnance Plant

Ordnance Plant.jpg

Women working in ordnance plants in World War I: spanner slotting fuse on head end of fuse bodies at Gray & Davis Co., Cambridge, Mass.

Photograph - 1920s Woman

FIC2018.00.048 (2).jpg

A woman sitting on a wall, posing and smiling at the camera. Her clothing indicates this photogaph was taken in the 1920s.