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FIC2018.00.048 (3).jpg
Photograph of a group of four adults (2 men and 2 women) and one child. The child is being held by one of the men. They are standing in front of a car. Their clothing choices would indicate that the photograph was taken in the 1920s.

Ordnance Plant.jpg
Women working in ordnance plants in World War I: spanner slotting fuse on head end of fuse bodies at Gray & Davis Co., Cambridge, Mass.

FIC2018.00.048 (2).jpg
A woman sitting on a wall, posing and smiling at the camera. Her clothing indicates this photogaph was taken in the 1920s. 

Three unidentified women standing in a line and smiling at the camera. They have their arms around one another, indicating a sense of familiarity. Their clothing and hair choices indicate that this photo was taken in the 1920s.

shift dress - full.jpg
Simple black “peasant” or “folk” style shift dress. Features lace and flower embroidery detailing.

Pannier - Underpinnings Museum KL-2018-041.jpg
Pannier-style hoop skirt made from cotton with rows of  cotton lace. There are metal hoops sandwiched in stitched channels between two layers of cotton. There is a button fastening at the back waistline.Source:…

dress with sash - front.jpg
Green silk satin dress featuring a sash on the left shoulder, as well as a drop waist and bow. 2019.02.03

embroidered dress - front.jpg
White silk chiffon dress, embroidered with wildflowers and pink chrysanthemums. Along with its classic drop waist design, a tiered hem skirt gives the dress its structure. 2019.02.04

coat - front.jpg
Oversized, brown fur collar coat made of a silk blend. Features large bottons, a small inside pocket, a hand-painted floral design on the bottom half and sleeves. 1983.01.04

robe and chemise - front.jpg
Cream silk robe with a printed nonspecific floral/nature pattern in pinks, greens, and blues that imitate a traditional Japanese kimono pattern. 
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