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dress with sash - front.jpg
Green silk satin dress featuring a sash on the left shoulder, as well as a drop waist and bow. 2019.02.03

casual dress - front.jpg
This casual day dress has a drop waist and scalloped hem. It is made from a thin, blue fabric with yellow piping and embroidery details around the hem and on the sleeves. It was purchased at Franklin Simon & Company, once located on Fifth Avenue…

velvet roses dress - front.jpg
Unlined party dress made from gold metallic lace/thread and blue velvet. The velvet is stamped to mimic the appearance of roses and leaves. 2019.02.01

organdy dress - full front.jpg
White organdy dress, featuring a skirt of tiered ruffles, lace detailing, and sash with large bow. 2019.02.13
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