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coat - front.jpg
Oversized, brown fur collar coat made of a silk blend. Features large bottons, a small inside pocket, a hand-painted floral design on the bottom half and sleeves. 1983.01.04

robe and chemise - front.jpg
Cream silk robe with a printed nonspecific floral/nature pattern in pinks, greens, and blues that imitate a traditional Japanese kimono pattern. 

chemise - front.jpg
Pink silk blend and lace "step-in" chemise with a bandeau top. The bandeau has hook and eye closures in the back of the garment. 1984.02.15

black and white dress - front.jpg
Black and white chiffon and silk satin evening dress. It features an empire waist, embroidery, an asymmetrical, draped skirt, and velvet ribbon and rosette detailing in the back. 2019.02.11

art deco dress - front.jpg
Art Deco-inspired orange and yellow/gold evening dress made from silk and chiffon, with a metallic thread overlay. The symmetrical and geometric detail mimics the filigree metalwork that exemplified Art Deco jewelry. The drop waist is highlighted by…

butterfly dress - full front.jpg
Floor-length, orange silk dress, featuring an empire waist. Highly decorative with embroidered butterflies, metallic thread, and elaborate beadwork. 2019.02.12
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